Student Ambassadors
You will have the opportunity to practice protocol skills and meet interesting and influential people

Student Ambassadors are specially selected students who represent ADVETI by:

  • Meeting and greeting VIPs.
  • Leading official tours around the Institutes.
  • Representing ADVETI at exhibitions.
  • Serving as Master of Ceremonies at special events and school visits.
  • Being interviewed and photographed by the press.

Student Ambassadors are given special training in communication and presentation skills, tour guiding, protocol and dealing with the media. These skills are useful in all aspects of business and will help you to develop important leadership capabilities.

As a Student Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to practice these skills and meet interesting and influential people.


Who can apply?

If you are interested in becoming a Student Ambassador you need to:

  • Be in at least Stage 2 of the Diploma.
  • Write a successful application.
  • Be recommended by 2 teachers.
  • Have your parent or guardian’s permission (if necessary).

*All necessary forms are available from Student Services.

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