Health Services
A free, friendly and confidential counseling service offered by Health and Safety Advisors is available to all students

Advisors help with issues such as

  1. Planning and motivation
  2. Resolving personal problems, relationship difficulties or mental health problems
  3. Prioritising, making important decisions, managing time efficiently and managing energy levels more effectively
  4. Deciding on continuing your studies or dropping out
  5. Enrolment assistance

The Institutes provide male/female nurse/health advisors to offer first aid assistance as well as advice on safety and health and well-being. The nurses also assist the Security Guards to ensure the safety of female students on Institute premises.


Security guards are stationed at the male and female entrances and allow only authorised personnel to enter the Institutes. Security guards are also instructed to ensure that only female students who have obtained the necessary permissions may leave Institute premises.

It is important to note that security guards are provided for the protection of all students and staff and should therefore be allowed to perform their duty and to be treated with respect at all times.

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