Continuous Education Program
Managed by Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute (ADVETI)

Program’s Overview

National Competency Development Program is a hands-on education program that equips Emirati students with knowledge and skills for the workplace, making them effective contributors to the national workforce, the UAE economy, and their community.

Candidates are admitted if they possess a Grade 9, 10 or 11 certificate from a recognised secondary educational institution.

All candidates will sit a Diagnostic Test to determine their level in Core subjects as well as vocational skills-skills that may have been acquired through prior experience(s) in a work environment. Applicants can then be given credit in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).


To be recognised as the leading National Competency Development Program provider with programs that give students the preparation and skills needed for employment, career advancement, personal growth, enrichment and transform the lives of learners in a supportive and caring environment that leads students to complete their goals successfully.


  • Provide National Competency Development Program that facilitates the attainment of vocational qualifications necessary to succeed in employment and post-secondary education.
  • Increase Emirati participation and completion in vocational education thus improving both the employability of nationals and productivity and competitiveness of the workforce in general.
  • Provide support services such as career guidance and job placement.

Program Plan


Based on the results of the Diagnostic Test, candidates will follow 1 of 2 paths:

Path One – Entry into the program at a level determined by last grade successfully completed by the student.

Path Two – Entry to the Bridging Course, where the candidate will refresh/improve his skills and knowledge in order to enter the program at the designated level according to the last grade completed at school:

  • The Bridging Course will be a 6 week intensive program for each area that requires improvement/support.
  • After each 6 week block, the student will be assessed; if their assessment score reaches the required level(s), they will be admitted to the program. If further revision is required, the student will continue in the Bridging Course for another 6 week block.

Programme Accredited By

  • Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 Plan Al Ain 2030
  • Economic Vision 2030 Towards Innovation Policy in Abu Dhabi
  • Abu Dhabi Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner Course