Baynounah Institute of Science and Technology
Providing a hands-on industry driven approach using the latest equipment in it's well-equipped laboratories and workshops

Job readiness means that employers can be assured that ADVETI Al Gharbia graduates can competently perform the necessary skills to achieve their outcomes

Abu Dhabi Vocational Education & Training Institute (ADVETI) Al Gharbia has been established to prepare Emiratis to effectively perform in the UAE work force. ADVETI Al Gharbia runs its operation and plans its programs to facilitate student development and to reach the maturity required in the workforce. ADVETI Al Gharbia graduates entering the workforce are job ready. Job readiness is one of the key strengths of vocational education and training graduates.

Special training in the first year of training as well as career guidance throughout the whole three year program insuring the right choice of program for all participants will cater for a smooth transition into technical training and the world of industry.

ADVETI institutes in the Western region provide a hands-on industry driven approach using the latest equipment in it’s well-equipped laboratories and workshops. Guided by local industry needs tailoring courses and training programmes to meet the needs of the local industries and support Emiratazation.

The diploma, obtained after successful completion of the three years program, can lead into two directions. On the one hand it will provide a gateway to national and international institutes of higher learning such as Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany. On the other hand it will allow the graduates to directly join the workforce.

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