1800 of Secondary Technical School’s Students Starting Final Semester Exams Tomorrow

sts-ipadExams of current final semester will kick off on Sunday in all Secondary Technical School (STS) campuses, 1800 students boys & girls sit for the exams from 10th, 11th and 12th grades, distributed among 9 schools in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Fujairah and Ajman, which will continue until 22 June.

Dr. Addel Al Ameri, Managing Director of Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute (ADVETI) announced the opening of a number of new specialties at the start of next year 2013 – 2014 in the field of health and multimedia. Health curriculum will include study materials in the field of medicine, pharmacy, nursing and first aid, and also multimedia curriculum will include study materials in media and in design using computer.

Al Ameri added “Two schools will be opened the next year in Delma Island for boys and girls, belonging to STS in Baynunah, and will open another school in Sharjah for boys, where expansion is consider horizontally in STS within the state, and not in the stages of study which is to focus on now. Also two schools will be opened in in Falaj Al Mualla for students in 2014 – 2015 and two schools in Bainuna belonging to the western region in the same period.

Managing Director drew that STS students undergoing practical training during their period of study, whether in the government or local companies that support them in every way, and also international companies, have been sending many of students on training trips during the period of their studies to a number of countries. In addition, STS contract agreements with all institutions that fall under the umbrella of the ADVETI, and give an opportunity for students graduating from technical secondary schools to enroll and get a diploma within one year after graduation from high school, in addition to contracting a number of agreements with universities in the state, to complete the students studies.

Engineer Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Hammadi, Director of Support Services at ADVETI emphasized that, the certificates of STS, are recognized by the Ministry of Education in the state, as well as from the National Qualifications Authority, as the STS, came upon orientations of the state to cope with the tremendous boom witnessed by the education and training sector, and as a result of the communications revolution, which affected all aspects of life, the industrial sector was not the exception, especially in UAE that experiencing a modern industrial renaissance based on the knowledge economy, which is controlled by modern technology.

Al Hammadi pointed that, the graduation of the first 35 students from STS at the end of the current semester being, in a number of specialties offered by STS, while will graduate official batch from STS, consisting of 660 students next year 2013 -2014 indicating that existing specialties in STS include a number of engineering specialties in the field of aviation, electricity, mechanics and a number of administrative specialties in the areas of financial accounting, business management, art of resource management “logistics”, and management support services. The manager of the Department of Support Services at ADVETI added that all of these graduates have got employment contracts obtained through the provision of care to them by one of the institutions of industrial work, such care including that government institutions and private companies made available the opportunity for these students to enroll in one of the institutions of ADVETI to continue their studies and obtain a diploma in specialization which will join.

Dr. Khudair Abid, Director of STS stated that, students in STS sit for 8 exams according to the specialty they choose to study, and participate in 6 general materials applied to all students, including mathematics, physics, Arabic, English, Islamic education and computer, while involving two other materials on the area of ​​study chosen by the student.


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