Gaining Knowledge, Skills and Competencies
Learners develop skills to enable them to be proficient in the workplace.

ADVETI is a vocational education and training provider.

Vocational education and training prepares learners for careers that are based in paraprofessional or practical activities, related to a specific occupation or vocation. The learner directly develops expertise in a particular vocation.

Vocational education includes a diversity of occupations including retail, information technology, business, travel and tourism, hotel management, hospitality, finance, medical, property, paralegal, environment, health, safety, design.

Learners develop skills to enable them to be proficient in the workplace. These skills are occupational skills, industry skills and essential skills.

Occupational skills

Occupational skills required for performance of work set out in competency terms to meet standards of performance agreed by the industry.

Industry skills

Gaining knowledge, skills and competencies that enable a worker to successfully contribute to the Abu Dhabi workforce.

Essential skills

Essential skills include: Workplace literacy and numeracy Information technologies, self-management, workplace health and safety, problem-solving and decision-making, oral and visual communication, relationship management, life skills and lifelong learning.

Employability skills

These enabling skills are required for a worker to be effective and adaptable in the workplace. Employability skills are considered crucial for success in modern business organizations and these will be developed in conjunction with the technology skills and knowledge included in each unit of a program.

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