The first Strategic Partnership Forum for Abu Dhabi Education & Vocational Training Institute

Abu Dhabi Vocational & Education and training organized a Partnership Forum to keep up with the changing needs of the industrial, economic, and commercial and consultation and cooperation with prominent partners and employers sector. The Forum was held in the Institute’s headquarters in Mohammed Bin Zayed City to develop and maintain the relationships with employers & partner and work to maintain providing academic and professional training of specialized programs according to the highest international standards to graduate competent and qualified Emiratis to contribute effectively in the competitive labor market.

The ceremony began with a welcome speech from Dr. Abdulrahman Jassim Al Hammadi, Managing Director of Abu Dhabi Vocational & Education Institute, where he stressed that this forum derive our vision of the institute in maintaining relations between our partners and the development of this partnership to support the field of education and vocational training for the youth of the UAE and the service of all the government and private sector. He also said that “As a partner, we are here to provide Value Added Services that will enhance your business by developing a skilled workforce enabling you to continually improve the Quality of your organization. Our main focus is to support your organization to achieve growth in an ever changing and challenging business environment. We all know that Business growth can only be achieved through the development of a national’s workforce that is able to overcome the many challenges that the organization faces.”

The objectives of this forum is to develop and propose the programs offered by ADVETI to service various business sectors, strengthening the relations and collaboration with different sectors of society and assessing the current training programs and identifying the requirements and needs of vocational training institutions in the next three years.

The action plans which will be applied as the results of this forum is holding meetings and periodic meetings on a large scale with various business, government sectors and the banking sector areas through initiatives and programs for management and marketing at the Institute. In addition to developing and creating new opportunities by current job market, share and brainstorm on how to develop training programs with Training and Human Resource Managers and other various fields.

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